Take the first step on the road to better health, take some time for your health and wellbeing. Call Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch today to see if IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy is right for you!

What is IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy?

It is a method of feeding vitamins, mineral and other natural substances directly into a Patient’s bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.
Scientific research has demonstrated a variety of conditions can benefit from IV Nutrition such as:
Fibromyalgia           Insomnia
Fatigue                     Anxiety
Depression              Adrenal Fatigue

All of the protocols have been thoroughly researched and shown to be effective. All treatments are prescribed by Dr. Wolloch and administered by our caring, licensed team of Nursing professionals in our state of the art IV therapy room. Relax and watch a meditation DVD or catch up on your sleep while receiving your treatment.

Myers Cocktail

A vitamin and mineral formula for the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Most report a marked improvement in energy.


A small molecule consisting of three amino acids, it plays a critical role as an Anti – Oxidant / Anti – Aging component.Call us today to schedule a consultation. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services rendered in our exclusively comfortable and relaxing North Miami office.Emmanuela Wolloch MD