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At Miami’s Premier Private Gynecologist, Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch and nursing staff are dedicated to providing women of all ages with a natural, safe and holistic approach to healthcare and well being.


Our approach embraces the often forgotten, body and mind connection which controls the way in which our bodies function and handle outside physical and mental stress factors. She seeks to find treatments that you feel comfortable with in order to address any physical, mental, spiritual and overall health maintenance issues or desires by tapping into our traditional medical expertise and balancing it with our integrative holistic medical knowledge and resources.


Let Dr. Wolloch and her Staff be your trusted and sound resource for your Gynecological wellness needs from regular gynecological check-ups, menopausal issues, IV Nutrient Therapy, Anti-aging Medicine, massage therapy and integrative nutrition. 


Dr. Wolloch, is Miami’s Premier Private Gynecologist and her practice encompasses medical and holistic services that deal with the body and mind.


The practice founder, Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch, heads an office that embodies all of today’s women. At a time when medical care has become a sensitive topic and female health issues seem to be on the rise (cancer, heart disease, hormonal therapy), Dr. Wolloch recognized the need to take a step back and evaluate the true meaning of health and well-being. This does not always solely equate to conventional medical practices.


Treating Women’s issues through a variety of medical and holistic methods, Dr. Wolloch uses a more natural, sensible and understanding approach to women’s health needs.

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