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At Miami’s Premier Private Gynecologist, Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch and nursing staff are dedicated to providing women of all ages with a natural, safe, and holistic approach to healthcare and well-being.

Our approach embraces the often forgotten, body, and mind connection which controls the way in which our bodies function and handle outside physical and mental stress factors. She seeks to find treatments that you feel comfortable with in order to address any physical, mental, spiritual, and overall health maintenance issues or desires by tapping into our traditional medical expertise and balancing it with our integrative holistic medical knowledge and resources.

Let Dr. Wolloch and her Staff be your trusted and sound resource for your Gynecological wellness needs from regular gynecological check-ups, menopausal issues, IV Nutrient Therapy, Anti-aging Medicine, massage therapy and integrative nutrition. 


benefits of our service


benefits of our service







Dr. Wolloch, is Miami’s Premier Private Gynecologist and her practice encompasses medical and holistic services that deal with the body and mind.

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Dr Wolloch rocks! She takes the time to find out what is really happening in your life in order to treat you in the best possible holistic way. I highly recommend her.

Kim H, ...

Dr Wolloch,
I have been singing your praises! You saved my colon! I can’t thank you enough for your concern and urgency on friday, I spent the weekend at Mt. Sinai with Diverticulitis just as you surmised! You may not be a gastroenterologist but you proved to be an incredible prognostician ( sic) and a wonderful Doctor!
Warm Regards.

Patient LC., ...

To Nurse M:
THANK YOU! so much for the referral to Dr X!
He is great and really willing/able and SUPER COMPETENT at handling my situation. The fact that you got me such an ASAP appointment is FANTASTIC; I am so THANKFUL!
Bless your Heart ( and always – Dr. Wolloch too! )

Patient AM, ...

To all Nursing Staff at Dr. Wolloch’s office:

One of the real Joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank you to special people like you! May the magic of the Holidays fill your heart with love, peace, health, and happiness! Happy New Year! Cheers,

Patient ACP, Your Content Goes Here

Dr. Wolloch takes the time with you to really see what’s happening in ALL your life. Very good Exam – and Ultrasound make me feel confident that I was on the right track. Beautiful Serene office and nice Nurses.. I have been having the IV Therapy treatment and I feel more energy. I highly recommend it!

Patient, ...

Dr. Wolloch is professional and has a great manner about her. I was so impressed with her office environment, the professionalism of her staff, and the treatment I received.

Katherine M., ...

Thank you so much for an amazing first appointment! My friends were right- you are the best! Your office staff is also very special.

Patient CL, ...

Private Pay – but well worth it. Spent over a hour with the Doctor. She really listens. Not like other offices where you can’t even get a question out and the MD is walking out the door. Nursing Staff great and beautiful Zen/ Spa like office! Having IV Myers cocktails to detox and revive, enjoy the meditation DVD’s while receiving treatments.

Jenny Z, ...

I would definitely recommend breast thermography. It is a painless procedure, actually it’s like taking a picture. All Divas would love the pics of your breast in the thermal colors. You should expect interpretation report of exam within two weeks. I especially want to thank Claudia for making the experience even more comfortable. You can call Claudia & let her know your concerns, she is extremely wise. My previous mammogram techs made those experiences so technical & I actually felt slight humiliation, tortured, and down right violated. The only downside is that Thermography is not covered by insurance. But I believe it’s worth every penny. I love my breasts!

Zuleica P., ...

You have been my Doctor for 26 years. My Daughter who you delivered saw you for a consult before she got married. I want you to know that I am grateful for your expertise and advice all these years. Looking forward to what’s ahead confident that I have the best Doctor ever.

PT L, ...

Dear Dr. Wolloch:
I wanted to say Thank you and how happy I am to have found such a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate Doctor. Just knowing I have you on my team has relieved so much of my fears of going thru Menopause.
Sincerely Grateful,
PT. D.B.

PT. D.B., ...
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