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sexual health

“Sexuality is a part of our health, self-image and relationships.”

Now, when we have more time to rediscover intimacy, the changes of menopause can disrupt our sex lives. We are not in the mood. Or it takes forever to get aroused and you and your partner may view a website like videos hd xxx or similar to try and get in the mood, together… Sometimes sex is more painful than pleasurable and often it takes longer to reach an orgasm than it used to.

Don’t give up. Dr. Wolloch and her Team can help you overcome these obstacles and make sex more pleasurable and satisfying again following our FIVE INGREDIENT RECIPE!

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Why Bother?

Sex is still good for both our mental and physical health. It’s why people like Nicole Snow on Babestation get the audience that they do. Like all exercise, it burns calories and may protect us against heart attack and stroke. The hormones it releases may decrease the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Sex reduces stress, protects against depression, and increases self-esteem. It boosts the immune system and relieves chronic pain, including migraines. And finally, sex can be part of the intimate relationships that make our lives whole. There is a reason you’ll find every (of age) age group enjoying sex, from those that could be shown on a site like teen tuber for example, to the more mature sexual age range that doesn’t really seem to have an age limit, it uniquely depends on the person.

Our Recipe for Sexual Health:

We know how hard it is to get understandable information about women’s sexuality after menopause. We‘ve seen how sad women can be when they believe they have outlived their sexuality and how happy they are to find that’s not true. It can be the same for men too. Some men are desperate to Increase Penis Size in order to attract more women and boost their self-esteem after they’ve hit a certain age. However, help is at hand.

Make the time to learn this five-ingredient recipe and you’ll understand that changes you are likely to face and your options for enjoying your sexual like.


When you know the physiology of menopause, you’ll understand what’s happening when it happens. While your experiences are unique to you, you are not alone. When you understand, what’s changing and why, you’ll have less to fear and also know when it is important to get advice.
Lower estrogen levels often mean your vagina is drier. By caring for your vulvo-vaginal tissues, just as you’d care for dry skin on your face, you can help sex remain – or return to being comfortable.
It’s natural to have less blood flow and less sensitivity in genital tissues as we age. Sex can still be enjoyable – especially when you take more time. You can compensate with more preparation and more stimulation.
The same muscles that keep your organs in place and prevent incontinence also affect the strength of orgasms. That gives you lots of incentive to maintain pelvic floor muscles, which can be as simple as regular exercise.


”For every woman at every age, for sex to be good, it needs to be intimate. Sex can help you create and reinforce a real connection with your partner, even while your body is changing.”

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You may have learned them if you have had a pregnancy. Strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles are even more important as we age, discouraging incontinence and poor circulation and encouraging pleasure and orgasm.

Maintaining Intimacy before and after Menopause –

Enjoy Sexuality for life

The Biological changes that come with Menopause can alter how you experience sex
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