Nutrition and your Immune System

Nutrition and your Immune System

It is time to Social Distance from the Refrigerator of Goodies!

Stress can sometimes cause us to overeat foods that are bad for us. and who, in these last few months isn’t at least a bit stressed by COVID – 19?

Did you know that nutrition and your immune system is linked? The old saying, “You are what you eat” is definitely true as medical studies have shown. There are many factors that affect immune system functions, one of those is nutrition, and luckily, for us, we have control over it.

The focus of nourishment is not merely to gain energy and protein, but to enhance resistance against ailments with some specific nutriment and to turn the inflammatory response in someone’s best interests. This can be accomplished with whole foods, minimally processed foods, and fresh foods. 

For a proper nourishment program, it is advised to seek professional help from your Doctor, or a Nutritionist. For those that are on the go in our hectic, daily lives, a proper meal replacement shake, (I like Designs for Health, Vege Cleanse plus Protein Shake) is a portable alternative. Making sure that you are also getting supplements in everyday is also recommended.

It has been proven that, fresh fish, vegetables, mushrooms, herbal teas, omega 3 fat acids (plentifully available in salmon and mackerel) complex carbohydrates, yogurt, kefir and seaweed stimulate the T-cells and other immune cells.

And doesn’t that sound like a good thing right now?

Call us to order your Protein Shakes now, and, did you gain fat during the quarantine? Help dissipate that fat naturally with natural weight loss products. Ask us how.

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