Dr. Wolloch is pleased to announce Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with the acclaimed Samara Programs at her office in North Miami

Did you know that most ailments could be linked to the lymphatic system and a compromised immune system? Additional factors such as illness, chemicals pesticides in our food and pollution can also overload and stall the system. Chemical additives, preservatives and the like add up to a sluggish, congested and clogged system and self.

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in our total health and well-being. Getting the lymphatic system running smoothly is the key to easy weight loss, looking good and feeling great. Electro–Sound Lymphatic Drainage (ESLD) is a painless two-step process that will revive you and your Lymphatic system.

Some of the many benefits of  ESLD are:

  • Assisting with weight loss
  • Reduction of swelling (edema) and lymphedema of many origins
  • Supports post – mastectomy health
  • Regenerates tissue
  • Detoxifies body tissue
  • Reduces cellulite tissue
  • Supports preventative health maintenance
  • Relives discomfort from fibrocystic breasts
  • Relives chronic muscle and joint pain
  • Promotes T cell development
  • Reduces the Symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Call Samara programs today at 305 323 1994 to set up your free consultation and first treatment at Dr. Wolloch’s office. You will be glad you did.