Ask Dr. Wolloch is an occasional feature where Dr. Wolloch will pick out and reply to a question she has been asked.

Dear Dr. Wolloch:

I am 51 and really concerned about my weight increasing. Before I could eat what I wanted, and if I exercised or not, I really did not gain much and could lose it fast. What could be causing this and what can I do?

Thanks, Rachel.

Dear Rachel:

Thanks for your question, which, by the way, is common in women of your age group. As we move through the stages of life, hormones that effect our reproductive systems change. This is called Peri-Menopause and Menopause most often noted by the absence of menses. (periods) In every woman, there are “symptoms” that are different. (other than stopping your period) Most commonly heard of are Hot flashes; however, there is a host of others that could be attributed to these states as well. Each woman is an individual, and each menopause is individual.

What you are describing with your weight has been known to happen to some women in this time of life. The first recommendation would be to visit your Board Certified Gynecologist to determine your hormone levels. This may include checking your Thyroid. (Also known to be affected by Menopause) Once you and your Doctor have that information, a plan can be created specifically for you, which may include Bio Identical Hormones, Pharmaceutical grade supplements, and a tailored diet and exercise program.

Having the right “Health Partner” with expertise, on – going knowledge, and the right advice at this time of our life is very important to ensure we are understanding and working with our bodies as we go through the stages of life.

You deserve the best!
Dr. Wolloch.