Brain Health and Menopause

Brain Health and Menopause

Dr. Wolloch attended the 26th Annual  Spring Congress of the American Academy of Anti – Aging Medicine which focused on Brain Awakening. Led by noted pioneering, emergent visionaries in the landscape of Integrative Medicine. These specialists push the boundaries of what was once considered possible in Modern Healthcare. Discussing Brain Disorders, Fatigue and Autoimmunity, and Hormones; these were but a few of the topics studied in this intensive educational immersion.  These sessions allow for open “Brainstorming” and one and one discussions with the speakers to maximize learning for all. Pictured here, Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. Noted Author, Brain Researcher and Psychiatrist, and Dr. Wolloch was able to discuss how Hormone levels in Peri and Menopausal women can have an direct effect on our Brain health!

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