Ask Dr. Wolloch: I think I am in Menopause…

Ask Dr. Wolloch: I think I am in Menopause…

Ask Dr. Wolloch is an occasional feature where Dr. Wolloch will pick out and reply to a question she has been asked.

Dear Dr. Wolloch,

I think I am in Menopause. Why I should see a Gynecologist for Hormones? Many other Doctors out there give Hormones now.

Nancy R.


Dear Nancy R:

Your family doctor or other types of physicians may be “in the dark” when it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) which is different from traditional methods of Hormone replacement.

Family practitioners or general practitioners are indispensable in preserving the health of you, and your family, however, they may lack the skill and knowledge in perfecting a hormone replacement therapy program. While most practitioners stay up-to-date on issues presented by their patients, their education of such programs may be stuck in the past using older medications that may have some disadvantages. Other specialists may not know the difference between non-bioidentical and bioidentical hormones and, with their busy practices, have not had the time to keep up with the evolving understanding of their risks versus benefits. They also lack the in – depth education and knowledge of a Gynecologist, a specialist in Women’s health.

Gynecologists have advanced education, training, and specialization the health of the female reproductive system including the breasts and hormones. In fact, the term outside of medicine means; “The science of women”. Almost all modern gynecologists are also obstetricians, which, as you know, are specialists in pregnancy. Some OB/GYN’s may be Board Certified, and some may have a special interest in Menopause studies. Some may have also studied more natural or Holistic approaches in Women’s care and have a Bio – Identical hormone program that also could address other areas of your over – all health, which is important in Menopause. This could include recommendations concerning exercise, nutrition, correct supplementation, stress reduction, and chronic disease prevention.

With that knowledge and experience, plus additional years of on – going continuing education in Hormone Replacement therapies, a consultation with a Board Certified OB/ GYN who specializes in holistic approaches to Bio – Identical Hormones is a good place to start exploration of what’s right for you, for your best health.


Dr. Wolloch    

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