Ask Dr. Wolloch – Cold and Flu Season

Ask Dr. Wolloch – Cold and Flu Season

Dear Dr. Wolloch:

Cold and Flu season is just around the corner and I am concerned about picking up something. When I have gotten a cold the past, It is hard to shake. Do you have any recommendations for avoidance and a natural treatment?

Marcy R.

Dear Marcy:

Starting at this time of the year, Colds and Flus could seem to run rampant in our communities. Strict hand washing hygiene, washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching your face is the number one way to avoid these sicknesses. Cleaning surfaces thoroughly in your home and other areas that you may touch are necessary. Additionally, making sure you have Hand Sanitizer with you at all times is a great way to tackle bacteria when you are unable to wash your hands.

Getting enough sleep helps your body with recuperating from daily exposures to toxins. Keeping the Microbiome healthy and diverse through nutritious diets and probiotics is advised. Limiting alcohol and sweets have proven to help booster immunity. Of course, stress can play a part in making us more susceptible to these viruses. Now could be a great time to try meditation, yoga, or the like.

Studies have shown that IV Nutrition therapy is another good way to help you avoid colds and flus. It also aids if you are already starting to feel sick or under the weather. The powerful combination of vitamins, antioxidants and other essential nutrients in the “Immunity Booster” attack these illnesses head on as they are delivered directly in the blood stream, bypassing the stomach (when in pill form) for maximum absorption. This fuels your immune system with nutrients that help keep you resilient. This IV drip is also great for anyone that is subject to airborne illnesses and those who travel on commercial airliners frequently. It hydrates and boosts your immune system naturally, so you are on the go again faster.

Make sure the Center or MD’s office is knowledgeable. The Physician should prescribe the drip especially for you and your symptoms. Check that they are licensed, and have the state required staff to administer Intravenous Therapy. In Florida, only Paramedic/ EMT and Licensed Nurses who have the correct education are allowed to give these drips.

You deserve the best!

Dr. Wolloch

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