When we are being Superwomen and are Multi–tasking and Stressed, especially for elongated periods of time, our bodies are challenged in the normal day to day functions. This includes fighting infections, Cellular level repairing, slowing down aging, and general all around healing. Most of us have heard of the Fright and Flight effect…. This is excellent for those times that we really need a wake up call and to be super alert however, constant stress will have this natural mechanism running all the time, and hence, we will have too much Cortisol in our systems.

What are the symptoms of having too much Cortisol due to stress in your body? Here is a quick quiz for take:

  • Do you feel Stressed or Anxious most of the time?
  • Are you less interested or have no interest in Sex?
  • Do you seem to get colds and other infections easily?
  • Do you sleep soundly?
  • Are you still tired even if you are sleeping well?
  • Do you have Gastro – Intestinal distress?
  • Are you feeling sad or out of sorts?
  • Do you have Head Aches?
  • Are you noticing Backaches / Hip pains / Neck aches?
  • Is the scale going up? Are you gaining weight around your middle? Especially when you are following a healthy Nutrition and exercise program?
  • Do you have food Cravings for Carbohydrates / Sugars?

High Cortisol levels can cause Adrenal fatigue and propel you into a cycle of pure exhaustion.  Testing and treatments are available for this known ailment of many powerful and busy Women. With proper Medical direction and the correct Treatment plan encompassing the whole Mind / body spectrum, we can feel better and get on with our busy lives. Dr. Wolloch specializes in Holistic approaches to get our Cortisol back to normal and our Adrenals back on track. Let us help you become Superwoman again today.