Methylation is a bio-chemical process that is found in almost all your bodily functions.  It is the addition of a methyl group of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms to another molecule in your body.  The removal of this group is called demethylation. These groups control the on and off switches in your body that effect everything from detoxification, creating energy from the foodstuffs you consume, to your brain functions and stress response.  Proper functioning Methylation is a requirement for feeling well and being healthy in all ways.

Some of the areas that these groups control are:

  • Energy production and usage
  • Cell repairs
  • Inflammation
  • Estrogen Metabolism
  • Liver Function
  • Detoxification
  • Production of Glutathione
  • Immune system responses
  • Brain chemistry and Stress responses

You can see just by listing a few of the groups we have covered most of the whole body!

Research has clearly connected impaired methylation with autoimmune conditions. If a person has a shortage of Methyl groups or the cycle becomes impaired, any human body process can become compromised and sickness can and usually does ensue.

Optimal Methylation is important for all however, if you suffer from an autoimmune issue it is paramount. Symptoms of a deficient system can vary and can be a quagmire for any person or Health Care professional to wade through. Some individuals are at higher risk for faulty Methylation dysfunction due to genetic polymorphisms. Determining the right treatment that encompasses the whole body is daunting to most not really knowing where to begin!

As an Integrative Holistic Medical Doctor, Dr. Wolloch has put together her own protocols and treatment plans (that will be individualized) for her Patients. Lifestyle, Diet, Exercise, Correct testing, Prescriptions and Active Monitoring encompass the program that has shown excellent results.  Call us today to have her and her Team guide you through the healing process.