Enjoy better health in the New Year With these simple steps for Balance

Enjoy better health in the New Year With these simple steps for Balance

Wouldn’t it be great to feel wonderful this year? With adding these simple balancing steps, you can make 2020 your best health year ever!

1. Get some exercise every day. Take a walk after meals, a bike ride with your kids or friends. Do some housework or gardening! Move and appreciate the wonders of your body.

2. Do some type of mediation daily.  Look for some of the latest APPS to guide you, there are also many DVDs and books on the topic. Some like to do it while practicing Yoga or Tai Chi. Consider your spiritual practice or higher purpose in your life. These areas give you a place to go inside when things get hard outside.

3. To ensure good night’s sleep, do not turn on the TV / TV news every night before bedtime. Make sure your bedroom is dark and cool. You may want to try your meditation as you lay in bed to help you relax your body and mind.

4. Eat whole natural foods, preferably organic. Drink plenty of clean water, and try green tea. Avoid sugars that are not naturally occurring. Limit your alcohol consumption to 1 drink with dinner, and try to eliminate it most nights.  Your sleep patterns will improve with the less alcohol you drink.

5. Communicate with your partner and friends.  Tell them if something is bothering you. Learn to say NO when you cannot handle adding something else to your plate. Ask for help when you need it, and make sure to verbalize your thankfulness when you receive it. Avoid being strict or righteous about anything, try to go with the flow. Take time to do or see things that make you laugh. Have some ‘fun every week.

6. Find and work with a Doctor that specializes in Women’s health. Have an open relationship with your trusted physician, and work with them to ensure your hormones are balanced, and your vitamin levels are where they need to be. Make sure that you fully implement their advice, and that, with these other balancing steps can help you make 2020 your best health year ever!

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