Dear Dr. Wolloch:

I have always been a very successful Business Woman with boundless energy. Over the years, I have built up a very successful company. Now days, I find that It’s difficult to concentrate, I feel anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, and am lacking the passion and drive for my business that I used to have. Could this be due to Menopause? I am 52.

Thank you, Sharon.

Dear Sharon:

Yes, this can be due to menopause! Some say this is a better time than ever to be a career woman. Compared to even 50 years ago, women as a whole have made great strides as business owners, CEOs, Financial Directors, and yes, there are even more female Physicians! However, at the time of our life when all our education, experience, hard work and planning come to fruition, some can find their professional lives, (as well as their personal ones) derailed by Menopause.

Not only are some women plagued by constant fatigue, painful joints, mood changes , brain fog, memory problems, hot flashes along with a host of other lesser known symptoms, I have seen some Patients on their initial visit to my office whose menopausal symptoms literally ended the careers of hard-working women, from attorneys to cooks.

Helping menopausal women reach or maintain their professional peak is part of the treatment that you should receive from a specially trained Gynecologist in menopausal matters. Below, are some important tips and tricks that will keep you at the top of your career for years to come.

1. Don’t ignore any symptoms. Many wait until it has been a year without having a period before considering menopause. There is also a peri – menopause time that can start many years before, and cause symptoms that are out of the ordinary. (Checkout my Menopause quiz at for some of these)

2. Find a good Gynecologist that you can collaborate with. (Ifit’s not the one you have been seeing) Do your research, and look for one that specializes in Bio – Identical hormone protocols and holistic treatments for your best outcomes.

3. Know that Brain-fog is commonly associated with lower estrogen levels, as this hormone plays a significant role in learning and memory. Recent studies by researchers at the University of Georgetown in Washington revealed that with menopause, less estrogen could also cause a surge in anxiety. Usually, even when some women feel that it is effecting their work performance, another recent study showed that despite the reported brain-fog, anxiety, and depression; most menopausal women performed just as well on cognitive tests as their pre-menopausal selves! Obviously this doesn’t stop the day-to-day troubles of suffering with anxiety and depression, but this is reassuring news nevertheless! There are things you can do to combat the anxiety and depression, though. Many already know about the benefits of medical marijuana, and how with a collection of pipes you can partake it, but many also don’t want to smoke the product to get the benefits. For these people, research CBD oil and its benefits, as it has been found to help with both of those disorders. You can see the top-rated CBD oil UK based companies offer by reading the reviews on Readers Digest.

4. Try to be flexible with your schedule. If you are able, you may find that starting the workday later than you used to, when your energy is higher is helpful. Try to schedule important meetings for those times in the day that your brain fog is at its lowest point. Make sure you take several breaks, walk around the office, (or get outside it – even better) and give your eyes a rest from your computer. Sipping water and trying a soothing tea are also important to stay well hydrated. Hot? Bring a personal fan to your desk area for instant comfort. Try to tailor the working day around the times you feel strongest, or look intoworking from home if you struggle with concentration around others.

5. You may want to arrange your task reminders a bit differently now, take advantage of technology and set reminder alarms on your phone for important not to forget items and deadlines. Try to write key points you do not want to forget on post – it notes and put them by your computer screen. Make sure your read and repeat them every day. Some find even keeping a note book at their side at all times helpful, to jot down those things that come to mind quickly, and also seem to slip away that fast!

Menopause can be a productive time of life for Women, where they can reach or maintain their career goals with the help of their partnership with their Doctor. Working on optimum health concerns and goals together can ensure the least possible disruption of these uncomfortable physical symptoms to their chosen lifestyles.

Best of luck – Dr. Wolloch.

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