Many are not aware that there are numerous hormones in the female body that may be affected when a Woman reaches Menopause. Estrogen and Progesterone seem to be the most popular ones discussed in articles these days, which may lead some to believe that there are no others that factor into optimal health and wellbeing at this stage in life. 

When considering Bio – Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, extensive testing, full examination, and detailed review of the Patient’s medical history and symptoms should be completed. Often, after this exercise, it is found that Testosterone or a derivative should be prescribed for replacement benefit.

Many may consider testosterone as male hormone, but females do make this hormone too, and with age, the levels gradually decrease as with Estrogen and Progesterone. 

The benefits testosterone provide for women have been generally overlooked by conventional doctors. Low levels of testosterone can decrease sexual drive, bone health, and energy. The decreased sexual drive is also something that can be seen in men who have lower levels of this hormone. Not only that but it could cause infertility as they are not producing the normal levels of sperm. To overcome these health factors, they may decide to use something similar to hcg for men to be able to have a better quality of life. Many women could also face the consequences of having a low level of this hormone. Some studies have shown that lower levels may increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Traditional and natural approaches can be implemented to bring testosterone to modest levels, benefiting females in exercise ability, vitality, weight loss, muscle development and over all wellbeing.

As noted, having a detailed assessment and continued follow – up by a Medical Doctor that is experienced and specializes in female hormones is key. Understanding how all these puzzle pieces of hormones fit together requires a knowledge base and continuous learning to benefit the Patient, for her optimum health.