The Selene Touch and me: A Personal and True Memoir

The Selene Touch and me: A Personal and True Memoir

My Vaginal health history started normal enough; I got my first period at the age of 12, and had 2 normal Vaginal deliveries. I was married for over 15 years and always enjoyed my sex life with no issues however, unbeknown to me, all of that “normalcy” was about to change.

At age 47, my period just stopped. I was in Menopause. I was lucky in that I didn’t suffer from hot flashes as a lot of women do however, I began to notice that I was getting yeast infections one after the other! Along with that misery came the intense dryness – I was like the desert down there. I always felt raw, like when you have too much sex.

Speaking of sex – no way was I interested in that in the least! I was either itching, dry, painful, using all sorts of medications for the chronic yeast infections or dealing with a burning vulva that made me want to cry every time I had to pee! None of that certainly helped my relationship, with my Husband or myself. My husband was very understanding, but no doubt he spent a lot of time on hdpornvideo, not that I blame him!

I tried every cure for the Yeast, prescriptions and not; creams, pills, yogurt and vitamin E suppositories – you name it. These gave some temporary relief for about a couple of weeks maximum, and then it was back to extreme dryness. I was continuously changing clothes, washing, changing pads; worrying about odor, itching, burning….this was my life NON –STOP. All of this interfered with my normal life and activities, shopping, going out to lunch with friends, visiting family, going to my Children’s activities, the gym……The list goes on……I couldn’t be myself, I was always uncomfortable, shifting in my seat, and trying not to itch in public! My life turned into a nightmare ruled by my dry, raw, burning, and itchy vagina and I was at my wits’ end after a year.

Just when I thought I was doomed, my Doctor, Dr. Wolloch, introduced the Selene Touch laser to her practice. I really did not want to use Vaginal estrogens (which would have been the next step in the treatment progression) so I was anxious to hear how it could help me. Dr Wolloch explained how it gently ablates the tissue inside the Vaginal canal, encouraging growth of new tissue that is estrogen rich. This she felt, would end the suffering I had endured for all that time. It is also FDA approved. With my absolute trust and faith in Dr. Wolloch’s recommendation, experience, and her Nursing Staff,

It was an easy decision to sign up for the series of 3 recommended treatments, 6 weeks apart.

The day of my first treatment, I felt relaxed and hopeful and the process was no big deal. The whole procedure took about 2 minutes – no maybe 5, but I did not notice. I listened to my favorite music on my headphones and wore the special glasses you wear when a laser is in use. I only felt a slight warmness and a little tingling as Dr. Wolloch used the laser inside my Vagina that went away immediately when the treatment was over.

In LESS THAN 48 HOURS, I felt NORMAL again in my vaginal area. I had normal discharge once more (natural lubrication). I did not feel dry, I have had no more yeast infections and I finally had sex again and functioned just like old times! There was no need for any lubrication; I was able to get wet naturally. It was just like before Menopause! My partner and I certainly enjoyed ourselves – Finally!

I cannot recommend the Selene Touch more highly than I am now to all women who have had Vaginal dryness / Discomfort / Burning / Chronic Yeast Infections and Painful Intercourse. I am so thankful for this new innovative technology. It is a miracle for me and I am sure it would be for you too. There is no need to suffer anymore.


The Author of this true and personal account is an actual Patient of Dr. Wolloch. A Mother of 2 and a Health Care professional, She prefers to remain anonymous but wanting to help others who have similarly suffered, she has kindly shared her story.

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