As women, we are more prone to acquiring Urinary Tract Infections or “UTI’s” just from our difference in anatomy from Men. Men have a longer Urethra (the tube that the urine comes out of) then women, and the location of a female’s urethra is very close to the anus where the majority of bacteria that causes UTI’s originate. Many of the Patients I see in my office for Urinary Tract infections are surprised to hear of the many ways and reasons we can develop one.  Below are some common causes of UTI’s. Have you heard of these?

  • Wiping back to front after using the toilet
  • Not drinking enough fluids in general
  • Not using the toilet to urinate when you feel the urge – putting it off
  • An Increase of sex
  • Not going to the toilet to urinate after sex
  • Not using lubrication in general or condoms without lubrication
  • You have diabetes
  • Eating too much sugar / foods that contain sugar
  • You are Expecting a baby


As you can see, a UTI can develop in many ways. Once you have had one, you are more likely to have another. Knowing some of the ways that we can get these unpleasant infections can empower us to take actions to prevent them where we can. Remember to see your Doctor right away if you have the signs and symptoms of a UTI that are generally a feeling of burning when urinating, trying to urinate and not being able to, pain, fever, and dark or bad smelling urine. She should be able to treat and educate you with traditional and or holistic approaches to get you back on your healthy track!

~Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch