Let’s talk about: The Microbiome and you

Let’s talk about: The Microbiome and you

What is the Microbiome?

The Microbiome is a collection of Microbes or single cell organisms that live on and in your body. Some are even calling it a new “Organ” of the body.

The National Institute of Health via the Human Genome Project recently discovered it. This project is still yielding noteworthy findings even at this moment. All of the information garnered are foundational to new areas of research in medical applications.

The uniqueness found of an individuals’ Microbiome was staggering! We only share about 10 % with other humans compared to our genetic composition, where we are 99% identical. Even identical twins do not have the same Microbiome!  This gives a person’s individuality a completely new meaning!

Why is it important?

Healthy Microbiomes helps our bodies with important processes such as digestion, keeping our immune systems strong and even our behavior. A weakened microbiome has been linked already to diseases such as autism, arthritis, obesity, and depression. A disordered microbiome in the Gut could be the underlying cause of Estrogen dominance. Effects such as your Diet, drugs, sex partners, and use of antibiotics can change your microbiome.  Therefore, you can see that it is in our best interest to keep our Microbiomes as healthy as possible!

While the research into the microbiome is continuing, there are some known actions that we can take now to assist in its healthy function such as:

  • Avoid all proteins that have been treated with antibiotics (Clean food)
  • Avoid all GMO laden foods
  • Avoid Sugar, dairy and gluten
  • Use Antibiotics sparingly and only in concert with your Physician.
  • Discuss uses of Probiotics with your Physician
  • Add fermented foods as possible to your diet such as these to help the Microbiome
    • Sauerkraut
    • Yogurt with live cultures
    • Kimchi

Clearly, more information about this exciting new discovery will be disseminated with increasing frequency as the scientists continue their research. This revolution in Integrative Medicine is very exciting and will have a continuing influence in the practice of Holistic Physicians and positively affect their Patients.

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