As an expert in Holistic Medicine, Dr. Wolloch has studied and put together her own Protocols and Practices around this important Health Concern. Stress, eating the wrong Diet, Toxins affecting the liver, Genetic Polymorphisms, pre – dispositions and associated conditions can all signal a Methylation Dysfunction.

Holism is the idea that natural systems and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as collection of parts. As an Integrative Holistic Gynecologist, Dr. Wolloch understands that all issues are whole body, even though they may manifest themselves in a particular segment of the body.  Some of the areas that Methylation Dysfunctions are directly related to are:

  • Immune function
  • Neurological function
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Respiratory function
  • Dermatological function
  • Gastrointestinal function
  • Endocrinological function
  • Gynecological function /Peri –  Menopausal symptoms.

In short, methylation is related to our body’s ability to function and for you to feel good!

Proper Methylation in the body has been shown to help with Breast Cancer prevention, optimal Estrogen Metabolism, (especially important in Peri and Menopausal Women) and reduce general inflammation. Healthy Methylation can also can also assist immune function improvement to ward off opportunistic disorders such as Lupus, IBS and various Gut issues. It has also been shown to improve Liver functions and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, amongst other conditions.

Are you Susceptible to faulty Methylation? Are you suffering any of the Symptoms that may indicate that you are? How would you definitely know, and what is the best Treatment plan to get you Healthy and Happy if you are?  Call us today for your consultation.