Going to the Gynecologist for the first time can be scary to a lot of young women In fact over 2/3 of women report feeling anxious about visiting a gynecology office. The hustle and bustle of a traditional office, the average time spent with the healthcare provider only 7 – 12 minutes, can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to the visit. Add these factors to the first time and it is easy to see how this significant event in a female’s life can become a negative experience.

With the recommended age of the first visit to be between the ages of 13 and 15, it is important that it be relevant, non – threatening, educational and relaxing. A time for celebrating you womanhood. That is why we have developed the First Time program.

Customized to the needs and wants of young women, this approach ensures a positive experience with the very best care and consideration at this important milestone. All in a private, female only, spa – like setting.

The 60-minute First Time appointment includes:

  • How a female body works overview
  • Medical/Sexual history review (as appropriate)
  • Self-Breast examination instruction

Educational and Informational sessions on:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet / nutrition
  • Stress relief
  • Sexual health (as appropriate)
  • Review of the external female area
  • Contraceptive education and planning (as appropriate)
  • Testing (as appropriate)
  • Time for questions

Recognizing a void in healthcare for young women, Dr. Wolloch developed and supervises the First Time program, which is a hit with Mothers and Daughters alike.

Meeting the needs of our younger women is Melissa McKinney, ARNP – BC. Melissa, an experienced Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health is able to connect and educate in a positive, relaxed and non – threatening manner. Taking all the concerns and anxiety of the First Time away!

Call us today to make the First Time a truly wonderful experience for the special young woman in your life!